• We are the first in the Lithuanian market who want to give you new and unique gift ideas. Be exceptional and give this gift.
  • Our email In the store “Sublizgėk” we offer to buy an individual and creative gift – “Sublizgėk” style painting. If you are going to make an original or unusual gift, our paintings will be more useful than ever. The direction of these paintings has emerged quite recently and is being developed dynamically, capturing a niche of gifts and pleasant surprises. And not for nothing – it’s a great idea (and most importantly – the original) to surprise and delight a colleague, friend or family member.
  • You will not go wrong if you donate our paintings. From the photos you send, a person will experience real positive emotions when drawing or scattering this picture and will admire it in the future. Because everything is done by artists, each painting is an individual handmade piece. Which takes a lot of creative time and effort.

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