How long will production take?

From 1-5 business days.

Is the background of the picture one color possible?

Yes, you will be able to choose the color you like from our available colors.

Is it possible to get my money back?

If the artist has not started his work, we will be able to return.
But if the work will already be done by an artist, unfortunately not. Therefore
please think everything in advance to prevent it from happening

Is it possible to combine people from different photos into one picture?

This is possible, our artist can combine several photos into
one picture.

Do you only produce pictures with photos of people?

No. We don’t want to limit your imagination, it could be an animal
painting, car, company logo, etc.

How to make a picture excise?

We do not use computer programs. Sketches
our professional painter, so every work is

What is the price of delivery?

If sending in Lithuania, price 4eur, the courier will deliver to you
directly to home or work. When shopping with us from 100eur
free delivery.

What is included in the picture set?

Canvas 100% cotton
Protective film
Glitter / paint set + brushes
Spatula for smoothing the film

What photos need to be sent for a sketch?

The clearer the facial features, the more accurate the image will be.

Will you really go out to make your own painting?

Definitely so if you read carefully the kit provided